Available Services


Site Selection

We have developed a proprietary tool and have created extensive resources, not only to build your building, but to find the PERFECT location for your business, using advanced industry analytics.


Reverse BTS

Tenants can be flexible, taking advantage of our Reverse Build-To-Suit option. Having full or partial control over the construction of the project.


Location Reports

Once we’ve selected a location, we have industry specific reports to validate the locations, creating a seamless approval process, especially useful when sharing the development plan with partners and consultants.


ECHO development is a well-funded entity with broad resources, allowing for a quicker entitlement process.


Construction Management

We take care of all construction details such as: controlled bid process, contractor slection, legal processes and much more keeping you informed of project progress along the way.


Facilities Management

If you own buildings you don’t have time to maintain, we offer facilities management, taking care of the mundane property management tasks that can become cumbersome to any Landlord.

Traditional BTS

How would you like to move in to a brand new space, without dealing with the headache of interior construction finishes? Our Build-To-Suit options allows you this flexibility.


Corporate Real Estate Services

For corporate entities, we administrate leases, manage facilities, facilitate relocations, analyze business growth, and more.


Genius is simplicity. In our case, we like to consider our wisdom a function of our track record. For you, our customer, we take the burden of variables and make the process simple, efficient, and effective


We are strategic, from site selection to value-engineering building techniques. We keep costs within budget for the highest chance at success


It’s essential to have a plan in all stages of development. Many steps of the process need to run concurrently, utilizing careful planning and consideration to execute successfully. It is imperative for us to maintain a plan that we agree upon with complete transparency


You can have a plan, but the ability to execute is paramount to any process or procedure. Execution is taking a plan and putting it to action! Our track record and years of experience demonstrate our ability to perform

Benefits of working with Echo Development Group

Value Engineering

We don’t waste time or resources at ECHO. We strive to reduce costs when appropriate, and make quick decisions, to increase speed of delivery, always delivering on time and on budget without jeopardizing quality.


Flexible Size

We can create opportunities in a variety of situations, including multitenant and single tenant buildings, allowing for varying sizes of leasable space.


Transparent Process

Here at ECHO we have nothing to hide. We are completely transparent about our costs and processes. Moreover, we pride ourselves on making the process effecienct using state-of-the-art technology.


Tenant Delivery

We offer complimentary, minor Tenant finishing requests, establishing positive goodwill relationships between Landlord and Tenant from the beginning.

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